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Ask amy dating advice

STEVE-DAVE (still reading note) That won't be necessary.

STEVE-DAVE (holds up check) Because this is a check for three times what that window cost.

BANKY (lays books on the counter) Alright Old-Maid's - take a break from the Crazy-8's marathon and ring us up. Not that either of you would give a shit about something as advanced as this - there are no dick or poopie jokes involved. STEVE-DAVE And obviously your handlers or hangers- on convinced you that your first comic was good which it was not it was thoroughly mediocre with a few spiky bits of dialogue.

They approach the counter, where STEVE-DAVE, the store manager, and WALT the Fan-boy, play a card game. You're both a couple of fucking no talents that got lucky.

STEVE-DAVE I schooled their asses, now I'm schooling your's. He pulls something off the garbage can and reads it.

Steve-Dave and Walt hit the deck like bitches, covering one another. Steve-Dave leaps to his feet and looks at the shattered mess.

HOLDEN Can I explain the audience principle to you! Hooper whips his head around, looking for the source of the comment HOOPER Who said that?!? Lando Calrissian is a positive black role model in the realm of Science Fiction/Fantasy. We're at a Comic Book show, specifically at a book- signing. I wish I was like these guys - getting stoned, talking all raw about chicks and fighting supervillains! He offers him a patronizingly kind, half- smile in return, HOLDEN You bet. WALT I'm not that in need of fifteen cents right now. STEVE-DAVE (not looking up) Well, well,well, Walt Did you see who it is! Quick - get them to autograph one of their books so we can sell it for triple it's value. BANKY You guys operate the smallest, ladies' bridge circle I've ever seen. And when you get your foot in the door of the business, what do you do!

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COMIC BOOK: CONVENTION SIGNING BOOTH - DAY A physically large FAN - sweaty brow, tote bag bursting with comics - leans forward, smiling.

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